Operation Tokyo 2020

Gwent Spartans

Operation Tokyo 2020 is Swim Wales’ plan to identify every potential Para-Swimmer in Wales. It’s possible there are keen swimmers out there who haven’t yet been spotted. We don’t expect you to be an established Para-Swimmer already but you do need to be dedicated. Together, we’ll develop your talent and help you reach new heights in Para-Swimming.

Operation Tokyo 2020 is open to swimmers who have a condition that meets the eligibility criteria for classification to Para-Swimming. This includes:

  • Physical Impairment
  • Visual Impairment
  • Learning Impairment (IQ under 75)

We are looking for swimmers, between 8 and 35 years old, of all abilities that meet the above criteria. If you are interested then please follow the below link and apply to be part of Operation Tokyo 2020.


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